Tuesday, 9 January 2018

We Must End The Compensation Craze

Happy New Year to all. I do hope many of those who are suffering at the hands of the state, following malicious false allegations of abuse, will this year receive the justice they deserve. I feel the tide is at last turning.

Vile fantasist 'Nick' 
I have a few questions. Does that appalling fantasist 'Nick', still have his greedy hands on the £50,000 injuries' compensation money he received from state coffers for his false claims of having been abused by, among others, ex-Tory Home Secretary Leon Britton and ex-Army Chief, Lord Bramall? 'Nick' has been shown to be a cruel, manipulative liar and, in any decent, just society, he should be sent to prison for a long time but this is Great (ha ha) Britain, still suffering from 'the Savile effect', a time when perjury and perverting the course of justice are permitted... as long as you claim to be a victim of sexual abuse. What's more, you can keep the compensation pay out, it seems, even if you have been found to be lying!

'Chronic liar' Danny Day
Next, does that 'chronic liar', Danny Day (he has waived his anonymity so can be named and shamed), still have his hands on the £11,000 he was awarded for falsely claiming he was raped by ex-fire chief David Bryant in the 1990s? Not only should every last penny be repaid by now, the repellent specimen of humanity, Day, should be behind bars, serving a sentence well in excess of the stretch poor Mr. Bryant had to endure on account of Day's lies. Oh, of course, this is Great Britain which has seemingly little interest in punishing perjury and attempts to pervert the course of justice, even if all this has led to the ruin of an innocent man's life.

Of course, it is more tricky to lie your way to a gigantic slice of unmerited state funds by claiming the alleged abuse happened recently because the defence team will have a small(!) chance to prove you're telling lies, as we have seen in a number of recent, high profile cases. Faked historical abuse claims are so much less risky.

No, having endured the horrific process myself, I would tell any greedy, grubby liars that an allegation which is historical is far safer because it'll be a devil of a job for someone accused to prove his/her innocence (this judicial volte face is what is required in courts nowadays). I was lucky because the pair of grubby chancers who lied about me were too thick to come up with a plausible false account. However, since my acquittal in 2014, I have got to know a number of other innocent people who were not so lucky. One of them was accused of historical abuse after the single complainant had been coached by a malicious third party to ensure his account could stand up in a court (the accuser was far too stupid to invent a plausible story himself).

I imagine many of these liars will know how to play it because there is so much advice available from those 'riding white chargers' the personal injury lawyers. Try typing 'abuse compensation' into a search engine and you can take your pick where you go. In the case of the motor industry, they are called 'ambulance chasers' and the government has finally woken to the fact that the system is being swamped by greedy liars. So the PI lawyers, always with their eyes on the next lucrative market, (these people never advertise the fact that their fees are usually in excess of the compensation money paid out to the claimant), realise that they are on much safer ground dealing with cases of sexual abuse, leaning towards historical claims, because these are almost impossible to prove either way.

These PI lawyers rarely tout for business in low profile cases within families, where most genuine abuse occurs, because it's unlikely to be lucrative enough, with no insurance money to get their hands on and most families themselves have only limited funds. Far better to attack schoolteachers/care workers and the rich and famous... potentially lots of money on offer!

I am calling for an immediate end to the handing out of large sums of compensation payments, much of which comes of of taxpayers' pockets. Sexual abuse complainants should not be regarded as immune from the temptations and incentives, particularly financial, that drive human beings generally. These payments are making a mockery of British justice.

If someone has genuinely been abused, then he or she should be entitled to whatever professional help is required, as the victim strives to survive that abuse. The perpetrator should, accordingly, be sentenced to a long stretch behind bars. This should provide more than adequate, appropriate support for anybody who has suffered real abuse.

As for those who have lied their way to receiving a wad of state cash, they should hang their repugnant heads in shame, preferably behind bars, for a substantial tranche of their lives. But, of course, this is Great Britain, and the old boys' club of the judiciary/CPS/police don't consider all this lying, this perjury, this perverting the course of justice important enough to investigate.

Once again, may 2018 see a turning of the tide. It's only right and fair.

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  1. Excellent article. And I am sorry that you had such a hard time for 2 years. I have been keeping an eye on these "historical sex assaults" in the UK ever since I studied the Rolf Harris trial (in as much detail as I could get hold of), which was clearly a very flawed trial for multiple reasons. Sadly there are many people who believe "women do not come forward with a complaint unless there is some truth in it." Thus these woman are believed by default. The feminists have poisoned our once great justice system. I have written a letter to my mp, have written to the Minister of Justice but feel as if we are all banging our heads against a brick wall.