Tuesday, 10 April 2018

When Police Just Can't Be Bothered

While watching a programme this week called 'Unsolved', on BBC 1, about Omar Benguit, who is in prison for ostensibly a murder he didn't commit, I learned that the person who, it is claimed, framed him had accused someone else, previously, of paedophilia. In the documentary a retired murder detective, Brian Murphy, who during his career covered hundreds of investigations, made the following comment: 'A paedophilia allegation is one of the worst allegations you can make.'

Omar Benguit: wrongly convicted?
Can it be explained, therefore, why the two friends, A and B, who made totally false statements to the police, and subsequently on oath in a court of law, that I had inappropriately touched them both when they were 11 years of age, have not been called to account? Why has the Suffolk police, so eager to have me prosecuted, allowed them to carry on with their lives with impunity?

I repeat what the experienced, respected detective, Mr. Murphy, stated: 'A paedophilia allegation is one of the worst allegations you can make.'

Police: too busy for certain crimes?
But, hey, not to worry; don't anyone be put off lying through your teeth to get your greedy hands on compensation money from the taxpayer, because the police and the CPS couldn't care a fig if you do lie.  It seems, if you're rumbled, you'll walk away scot-free. All to gain and nothing to lose. Telling malicious lies which could potentially wreck someone else's life isn't a crime the State recognises particularly. Perhaps because it doesn't curry much public favour.

In my case, A and B lied and lied again and anyone with an IQ above the day's temperature, who listened to the repugnant lies they spouted in court, was left in no doubt they were lying.
Yet nothing has been done to punish them.

But Mr. Murphy claims those who falsely allege child abuse have committed a serious crime.
Over to you, Suffolk police. I repeat:  'A and B were lying throughout'. Shouldn't they be called to account or aren't you bothered?


  1. Suffolk man ‘had sex with 450 tractors’A Suffolk man with a bizarre sexual attraction to tractors has been banned from the countryside and forced to sign the sex-offenders’ register.

    Suffolk police will prosecute mentally ill people, should sex be involved. strange. https://www.suffolkgazette.com/news/suffolk-man-sex-with-tractors/

    1. it's a spoof website the suffolk gazette

  2. Can anyone explain why some 'false accusers' are subsequently punished and even jailed yet the apparent majority are let off scot-free? Is it down to the police force in question or time passed? I've yet to understand the inconsistent police approach to these different scenarios. What is Suffolk police's position in your case and what can you do if, as in my position, they do nothing? I've read your latest July blog mentioning civil claims but I see this as a criminal matter which is a police matter.