Monday, 28 August 2017

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

Jemma Beale, a narcissist, a fantasist, a manipulative liar, has been sent to prison for ten years for falsely claiming she had been raped by nine men and sexually assaulted by six more over a period of three years. It was all a pack of lies. Police, meanwhile, spent 6,400 hours investigating her lies, which cost us taxpayers a quarter of a million pounds. One of Beale's victims, Mahad Cassim, spent two years in prison on account of this woman's disgusting claims.

Jemma Beale mugshot
Following the sentence, it was reported that Beale's is the most serious case of false sexual accusations in judicial history. Prosecutors went on to make the extraordinary statement that false allegations of sexual assault remain very rare.

How the hell would they know? The police and CPS rarely, if ever, go back over cases of alleged sexual assault when the accused has been found not guilty in a court of law. If the accuser doesn't actually admit to making up the whole story, he or she can be sure of getting off scot-free, even if their lies are exposed.

It has always to be pointed out, just because someone is found not guilty, this doesn't automatically mean that defendant is innocent, just that the prosecution has failed to prove its case. But there are occasions when it is palpably obvious the complainant is nothing more than a cruel opportunist/inadequate/liar (like the two friends whose filthy lies took me to Ipswich Crown Court in 2014). Wouldn't one assume that in cases when the trial is halted or when the jury return with an almost immediate decision of not guilty on all counts, the accuser would at least have his or her claims subsequently reviewed?

Not a bit of it. Why? Because the police and CPS do not want to look like they backed an unalloyed liar. After all, it was their decision jointly to charge (don't believe for a moment that the CPS operate independently from the police) and they have therefore both subjected the accused to a prolonged hell on earth existence and also cost the taxpayer many thousands of pounds.

Not good for career prospects for anyone to back the wrong horse.... so what do they do? They move away from the failed case as quickly as possible and allow the liars to return to the usually miserable, unproductive lives whence they came, with their identities protected forever.

My two accusers, who lied and lied about me, are not part of the statistics upon which the prosecutors base this latest, oft repeated, preposterous statement. Of course false allegations of sexual assault are ostensibly rare but this does not mean they are rare. How can anyone know?

If the police continue with their current m.o.of pursuing their so-called investigations following the guidelines decreed by the former Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer, that 'all complainants must be believed', of course the greedy, insidious opportunists are going to chance their arm because they know they'll never be called to account for their vile behaviour, even when they are exposed for what they are. They have absolutely nothing to lose and a hell of a lot to gain. And all this passes for British justice.

I watched a television programme, 'The Wright Stuff', discussing the Beale sentence the following day and instead of the conversation being a vilification of the cruel, disgusting, rebarbative Beale, it was mainly focused on how this lengthy sentence might put off genuine victims 'coming forward'.

No it won't. Beale was proven to be a liar. As long as someone is telling the truth, he or she has nothing to worry about. There is not a cat in hell's chance of someone who has been raped being sent to prison for a false testimony. I reject utterly the mantra that prosecuting those who make false allegations will prevent other complainants coming forward. It is an excuse for the police and CPS to do nothing when they suspect they have been well and truly duped.

So, in spite of this appalling Beale case, it is highly unlikely that the m.o. of the police/judicial system will be in any way affected and people like me will continue to have their lives trashed as lying fantasists peddle their malicious allegations knowing they have little, if anything, to lose.

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